The “REAL” McDonalds Story

If you were to Google the history of McDonald’s, you would find this: “The original McDonald’s was opened in California by Maurice and Richard McDonald in 1940. A hamburger sold for .15 cents back then. After several attempts, the McDonald brothers had created a successful eatery. They were looking for a new franchising agent andContinue reading “The “REAL” McDonalds Story”

More Details

Mountain goats have claimed new territory New hillside scenery work begins A scratchbuilt trestle will go here The boat works looking towards the paper plant Watkins Paint is busy from all the new construction in the area Honoring the brave……and the town drunk Skateboard and roller skate fun in downtown Beaver Falls

Wednesday at Club – Even Gnomes Need Transportation

After a long day of work, things get a little blurry Beaver Lumber and Supply Watkins Paints, a distributer of fine colors Unleased and yet to be completed industry in Beaver Falls. H. Sherwood fruit processing. Waiting for the evening train. Even Gnomes need transportation UP track cleaning crew round the point UP – DependableContinue reading “Wednesday at Club – Even Gnomes Need Transportation”