The Rebuild Begins with The Move


The CSME rebuild began today.  But first, we had to take down and move the layout from the old building.
We reviewed the process for documentation and then proceeded with work.  We got ahead of schedule and took it easy after that with a socially distanced lunch.  Tomorrow’s work session will be called plumb bob day since we will be using plumb bobs to accurately plot the footprints in 1:1 ratio. Lasers worked well but with teams we might be able to get faster results with old technology.  We’ll see.  After we plot footprints, we can reference them to draw an accurate “as built” track plan.

Initial planning for the day  session
Drafting a 1 foot grid on an original layout plan
Adding body language to the work
Wrasslin paper for the 1:1 transfer plan
The layout lift –it worked and nothing cracked!!  Note paper under layout ready for outline.
The bunch at lunch — socially distanced of course

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