Making Progress


Today was a busy work session as we moved forward on several fronts.  During lunch the crew discussed the upcoming restrictions on work, holidays and their impact on work sessions. It was decided to hold off on formal work sessions for the next two weeks. Individuals can come in and work on special projects. For example, Doug wants to continue work on Eagle Cove and Eagle Point and Gene wants to work in the old clubhouse dissecting Digitrax electronics for salvageable parts. Others may want to keep moving on their own projects and nothing will preclude those efforts. We’ll keep you posted on work sessions during December and into January.

Doug and Gene use a fascia board to determine the outside edge of Eagle Point.  George works on the destruction of Ashar.

Doug has some exciting ideas about the resurrection of Eagle Cove including extending the waterfront northward a few feet, abandoning the existing track thru a tunnel and replacing it with track on trestlework as it skirts a headland by running out into the bay.

Gene worked on fasteners to hold yard sections to the L girders thus stiffening the whole structure nicely. He also planned the framing around the existing roundhouse and how to modify it to blend with Doug’s Eagle Point. 

George sets stringers for the new construction between Toledo Yard and Ashar along the west wall. Notice the string line along the end of the stringers, This insures a straight fascia. Also, stringers have been notched in case we want to lower the mill area (or whatever  industry fits in this place, if any) plywood scraps and cardboard. Notice a staging yard at this level allows sight lines clear  to the back of the lower switching area. This yard can be supported on brackets with no structure below.

George completed the stringers along the shear wall and over to the entrance to Toledo Yard. He also carefully disassembled the Ashar/Scott’s Mill section so we could use the trackboards on new framing. Trackboards include the ¾” plywood subroadbed, cork  roadbed, and flextrack . We lined out how these pieces would have to be modified to accommodate new dimensions and planned to use most of the available track and switches. 

The Ashar crossover module sets close to it’s final alignment along the shear wall.  Curved track in the foreground will be trimmed  to an alignment angle with Ashar. Upper track  in this figure is the upper mainline. 

This individual claims he was, in fact, working and not taking a nap! Guess who.

Jerry worked on south room L girder layout, north wall deck separation and assisted others as required. We built mock-ups of north wall sections to determine separation requirements in one to one, three dimensional models.  We built both 5 track (existing) and 4 track (modified) staging yard sections in order to check sight lines and accessibility.  

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