3 Months After Beginning the Move


This progress report will be mostly captioned pictures to catch up on other work going on at the club.

 Framing for paper mill and chip yard at the end of  the Eagle Cove branch. That’s the NW corner of the new  train room 

Doug added sheathing to the mill and chip yard

 George begins L girder work for south room center peninsula. Notice how they are built right over the full size drawing 

George continues L girder work. Notice free standing portable L girder to the left.

Completed L girder array for center peninsula

Layout chunk atop L girders and it FIT

Gene taking down the layout skirt 3 months ago. We’ve made exceptional progress in 90 days: documenting, cutting apart, transporting, re-building.

2 thoughts on “3 Months After Beginning the Move

  1. We do have ADA access. The city of Adair built ramp access to the front door. Unfortunately, the parking area is still uneven gravel. We hope that they will be upgrading that in the future.


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