The Stuff


Doug, ever the inventive scenery guy, embarked upon a clandestine mission to pour Woodland Scenics Water Stuff into Eagle Creek and Cove. The pictures speak for themselves. Figure 4, however, is very interesting. It shows liquid-liquid interfaces of 3 liquids of differing densities. The most dense cloudy stuff is on the bottom while the clear, least dense catalyst floats on top. The dye (blue) has a density between the other two and so it sinks thru the first layer and rests on top of the bottom layer. In figure 6 Doug used a stick to pour the stuff so he wouldn’t get bubbles in the water. One bubble did form so he hit it with a propane torch, busted the bubble, lit off the log floating in the “water” and darn near burned up the trestle. It was really fun to watch him dance around on that one but, alas, no pictures. I was too busy ducking and dodging him.  

Gathering the stuff

Pouring the stuff

Smelling the stuff

Interesting physics stuff

Doug was so excited about the success of his water pour that we both marveled at it. After about 10 minutes of marveling, Doug realized he hadn’t stuck the trestle, whose piers had to go INTO the water, in place. He managed to get the trestle situated – just barely. We quit marveling and got back to work. 

Mixing the stuff

Pouring the stuff

Inspecting the stuff

Inserting trestle into the stuff

In the last picture, with no caption, look closely into the deeper water and find some fish just above the submerged log and a SHARK bottom center. They don’t need a “no diving from bridge” sign with that guy cruising around. These critters will be visible from the fascia side of the cove not only by looking down into the water but also by looking into it from the side (as if you were swimming in the water—away from the  shark). This is sure to be a hit with the public. Good work Doug. Also, thank you Bill and Gene for stopping by to supervise and help.

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