Prepping for the Golden Spike


Today’s report will be mostly pictures since it’s spring and there’s lots of ranch work to be done. To be sure, progress continues on the layout. Specific scenery details are being added, DCC power districts are being defined and refined, and DCC components are being ID’d so purchases can be authorized. If you visit the club to inspect the work, take note of the blue tape tags with weird numbers on them placed between the rails on some of the track. DON”T Move them. These are power district block indicators for our wiring crew.  

Here are some pictures of this week’s work:

Bill working on Deep Canyon which is in the left side of the picture between the concrete abutments 

Larry working on the lower level of our helix
using his rolling workbench

Patrick painting the backdrop for the Corvallis

Doug painting “mud” at Eagle Creek

Track foreman Ben Dover ran his Fairmont M-14 out on the
Eagle Point trestle. We have no idea how he got it to curve along the
timbers. Neither do we know who the young lady sitting in the car is?
When asked about the surveyor’s bent rod, he told us it was for laying
out curves.

The immensity of the mountainside dwarfs the little
motorcar. Amazing, no ties and no rail, but Ben got his “pop” car out

Eagle Cove begins to recover some of its lost detail.

Doug lays out an additional industry
for Eagle Cove

Deep in Eagle Canyon, O’Flarety’s crews get ready for the Golden Spike Ceremony. Track engineer Sureshot Smith pointed out that before we can lay the track, we need the BRIDGE!!

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