Better Sides


Yesterday a number of folks showed up and energetic discussions were held regarding the layout of the layout.  Many ideas were shared and some major errors were discovered as the layout papers were maneuvered around the new room.  One error I made was to reverse the numbers on measurements to reference points at the Eagle Cove Loop.  That meant the numbers were off by as much as 3 feet!  I tried to blame it on Doug, then Larry, then George, and finally Gene who was not there to defend himself – even that didn’t work.  So I took the rap.  It has since been corrected.

  Serious contemplation

By the end of work today we will have “as built” drawings for the whole layout in the new room.  These guys have have put in up to 30 plus hours each on this project – total man-hours (oops-person hours) is probably around 180 – 200.

The better sides of layout planning

We will have a 2% helix as built but also a 1.7% DT helix drawing available.  Also, we’ll make up ST and DT curve and straight sections as well as switching area suggestions to play with.  Kinda like your old Lionel/American Flyer sectional track.

The boss inspects the carnage

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