*Note, this report is out of order. It should precede the previous post by one week.

Today was a very productive day at CSME.  Doug, Larry, Gene, and Jerry worked while George took off and played with an F-7 (A real one so I guess we can excuse him) over on the coast.  We completed documentation of the helix, Philomath, and Corvallis around the blob to Scott’s Mill.  We wadded these LARGE pieces of paper up and Larry transported them to the new digs.  We laid them out with some trepidation.  We also brought chairs and a table.  Gene brought lunch and while we  gargled groceries we sat and saw first hand what this layout might look like in the new room.  We were impressed.

George’s Toy

The next project is to complete documentation of the Eagle Cove area and that should be finished by next Monday or Tuesday.  When we move those sheets to the new room we’ll be ready for the next business meeting.  We hope you can attend and get a first look at how the layout fits and participate in deciding what possible modifications can/need to be made.

Documentation Extraction

Documentation Transport

Laying out the documentation in the new building….OR….OMG, what have we done and what do we do now??!!

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