Several folks showed up to talk about re-assembly of the layout on Wednesday  evening including: Cody, Grinnell, Lonnie,  George, Larry, Gene, and Jerry. After reviewing the 1:1 drawings we talked about  the railroad track plan both from an operational and open house perspective.  These discussions yielded several modifications and clarifications that will make this club layout fit the needs of members. It was a very  positive and productive discussion.  

This free flowing exchange of ideas showed that, in several areas of the layout, pieces  can be re-assembled using the present track plan with an eye toward later modifications that  will provide even more enjoyment for members. It also showed that we can begin reassembly  on Monday and leave room for these changes to occur. Since we are merely constructing the L  girder substructure with layout chunks sitting atop them, none of these ideas will be set in  stone until after the membership has had a chance to review them. Thus, the business meeting  scheduled for 11/4 will be most important. 

We talked about a major change to the operations of the layout to more closely emulate  a point to point run from the SP/UP/SP&S interchange at Albany out to the coast at Toledo. This can be accomplished in a most efficient way and can include provisions for “round  and round” train running as well. These concepts can be included in the present track plan. 

We talked about using the existing staging yard for both open house setup/takedown of  trains and operating session gateway/interchange switching. Most of these functions can be  provided by the existing yard with a modification to the entrance and construction of a new bi directional wye coming from Eddyville. Other track changes can be made later and we can  more clearly show these adjustments during the business meeting. 

A scenery discussion was held regarding modifications to the helix next to Eagle Cove. Years ago there was a tidewater trestle running from Toledo out toward Yaquina Bay.  Doug Taylor wants to take this on as a major scenic element. During the re-build all we have to  do is set up layout chunks in such a manner as to leave space for this to happen. As it turns out,  this will be quite easy to do.  

Discussions were held regarding the placement of the first peninsula wrapping around  the shear wall and what tracks will penetrate the wall. Two different concepts emerged and we  will refer that to the membership.

A lively brainstorming session was held regarding the  south helix between what we have called lower level  Philomath and upper level Blodgett. The group came to  consensus about recommending to the membership  certain aspects of the helix including: building a new  single track helix, making it partially hidden and partially  open track, using a “herniated helix” rather than a  concentric set of circles, including some windows into  tunnel areas, providing grade reduction by adding an  additional loop or extending the grade into Philomath  and/or Blodgett and keeping the reverse loop.  Membership will have to weigh in on these concepts. 

There are about 4 workdays between now and  the business meeting. These sessions will see big  changes to the club as L girders / legs are set and large  chunks of railroad put up on the frame. These chunks  will, for the most part, still be  moveable as they sit loosely atop the L  girders. We can’t screw them into  place until membership approves.  Exciting times at CSME!! Stop  by if you have a chance. We work M  and T from 9-1. There are lots of jobs available including “heavy  construction” and “sit down” types of  work. As a side benefit we attempt to  have highly structured, intelligent,  creative and meaningful discussions  during lunch – it hasn’t happened yet

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