L-Girders and Window Film


After so much destruction we have finally started to put stuff together. Randy and Doug are  busy applying a film to windows in the new club room that allows us to see out but makes it  difficult to see in. It will also cut down on heat infiltration during hot afternoons. In addition to that, Vic, Gene, and Jerry started cutting and assembling new L girders. 3 sheets of plywood  were cut up to provide almost 200 lineal feet of these L girders – it’s always nice to use new  girders along the wall because that becomes the base for all vertical measurements used on the  layout. We’ll finish those tomorrow and begin installing them according to the club consensus  regarding layout height. We want it about the same as the old layout.

Installing film on the windows

L-girder cutting

L-girder assembly

There was a grading crew working setting  elevations around the room for L girders using  Grinnell’s Laser, however, they worked so fast and  efficiently that the photographer couldn’t  document it. Thanks anyway guys.

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