Placing Pieces on Girders


As work sessions go, today was pivotal. We set the first 4 sections of the layout up on L girders and aligned them. This was very exciting. These sections looked just as good on the new L girders as they did on the other ones in the old room.  Sections placed today included all 3 pieces of the main yard (old Albany and Toledo) and Eagle Cove. Minor modifications had to be made to the  yard sections resulting in a pie shaped section being removed. This allowed much more room in the operator’s bay, a larger access, and both sides being almost parallel. 

Please understand these sections are merely placed on the L girders. NO track or electrical has been hooked up. This allows for final tweaks after all north room sections are set in place. Tomorrow we hope to set several more sections. 

Doug cuts the proper angle on a yard section

Larry once again proves he is the fastest vacuum cleaner guy in the world as he keeps the place picked up. Picture shows the old Albany yard being prepared

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