The Blob


Today the crew was pretty focused on technical issues of leveling and aligning. We did however, have time to set the last piece of the Eagle Cove peninsula and begin engineering the  Corvallis “blob” around the shear wall. 


 Eagle Cove peninsula is now open  where there once was a wall. Pink foam was up against the wall.

Gene, Doug, Larry and Jerry worked on completing the Eagle Cove peninsula.  This involved some L girder trickery – T girders, set down L girder, and cantilevered stringers. This was complicated by the fact that Doug had built framing under Eagle Cove strong enough to support cement mixer trucks – 2 of them . . . loaded . . . side by side! This of course had to be deconstructed and then re-constructed for the current need. Doug builds ‘em strong. 

Randy and Vic took on the “blob”. job” and reverse engineered it to fit the wall. This meant setting the chunk down on wheels so it could be moved around easily and then cutting and fitting until it lined up. Several things had to be taken  into account throughout the process including two aisleways at 44” minimum,  alignment with the Ashar crossovers and  alignment with the actual town of Corvallis  section. Careful measurements from the  west wall to the end of the shear wall were necessary to insure Corvallis would fit. This  process proceeded with the “blob” on the floor and L girders were built above it.  

Serious consideration of the many variables involved in cutting and fitting the Corvallis blob around the shear wall

Vic and Randy cut and measure 

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