2020 Comes to a Close


As we close out the year, we must remember that at 12:01 AM on 1/1/21, for the first time ever, hind site will actually be 2020. Not an original thought but certainly interesting. Progress reports have been lax because the writer got Santa Claused,  however, layout re-construction has been moving forward nicely. In fact, just before Christmas George,  Doug, and I completed the lower level sub-roadbed from the old Toledo yard all the way around to the end of Philomath where the reverse loop used to take off. We were delighted about that. 

Doug has been working on an area called Eagle Point. He has abandoned the old line thru the tunnel between Toledo Yard and Eagle Cove leaving nothing but ties, rusted spikes and tie plates in the dank darkness. A new line skirts the mountain side running along the water’s edge on a trestle. He has sub-roadbed installed along with a plywood water base and fascia. This will be a unique piece of layout design and sure to be a show stopper.  George continues to provide close support and framing expertise. He did most of the sub-roadbed assembly on the lower level and assisted in fascia installation. If it  needs to be taken apart or put together,  George is the one we call upon. As the project moves along to upper level installation the pieces and parts will become more complex and this  support will become even more important.  

Doug works on Eagle Point. Eagle Cove is in the far right background. The truncated mountain will have a cliff to the water, trestle will go where the orange cord crosses and abandoned track emerges on the near side of the double track tunnel. 

Abandoned track tie detail.  Wood ties ACC’d on top of flex track.  Pictures of Doug’s glued together fingers have been omitted to protect the innocent.

Much of the upper level mainline already exists as it rides along with lower level chunks  of the layout. This is by design as layout pieces were carefully cut to provide this head start. Additional pieces of upper level mainline that will connect these existing sections will require creativity and innovation. For example, this sub-roadbed will be supported using combinations of heavy angle wall brackets, risers, and cantilevered stingers. Moreover upper level framing needs to provide an access for the south room air conditioner, keep operational areas below clear and all the while keep in mind room for a logging line. Plenty of challenges here.  Framing and sub-roadbed work are not the only points of progress. Lonnie has been researching and developing a plan for the paper mill. We have included a picture of his truly remarkable conglomeration of “buildings” to show his fidelity to detail,  appreciation of scale, and dedication to process and function. Bar Mills Models and Fine Scale Miniatures never reached this pinnacle of design.  Pat Hare, City Manager for Adair Village, stopped by today. He  was really impressed with our progress and very interested in the project.

See text regarding description of this “mill”.

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