The First Cut is the Deepest


Quite a few guys showed up today and everyone had a job.  We had a wiring crew going – actually de-wiring – with some pulling wire, some dropping wire, some winding up wire and some putting it in containers.  Also power supplies, power stations, and loconet were removed from the layout, dismantled and packaged for transport.

A number of guys started pulling and packing trees and removing remaining buildings.  Also, we had a demonstration about cutting track, scenery, and framing which resulted in one section of the railroad being released and hauled over to the new room.  After we got the first piece moved in we all decided to have lunch and plan for tomorrow’s work session.  We plan to remove and haul a few more sections tomorrow with more guys practicing on wrecking, or dismantling should I say, the existing layout and preparing it to move.

Sadly, we do have to report one injury of rather major proportions.  While removing scenery on the Philomath end of the layout, one of our esteemed members of French Canadian descent – redneck Cajun – encountered an ancient hidden mousetrap long forgotten.  Upon reaching around a framing member the aforementioned mousetrap did what it was supposed to do when it was set many years ago, snapped shut with a loud crack and ensnared the poor handicapped veteran’s finger – one of a few left.  A loud verbal response echoed throughout the room much to everyone’s surprise and delight.  As you can imagine, the outpouring of sympathy for this poor, beleaguered, railroader was over-whelming. The resulting grievous injury was of such proportions that no photo documentation was taken.

Clear cutting above Eagle Cove

Wiring crew at work between Toledo and Albany

George viciously  attacks the scenery

First cut is the deepest

How to cut a layout seminar

All hands on deck to remove first section

First piece into the new room.  We almost had enough manpower!

OK boys, now what??

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