The Real Cut-Ups


Today was a very productive day at CSME.  The crew, about 9 strong, continued with sectioning the layout.  Selecting points to cut the layout can be a complex concept.  For example, we have to watch out for stringers, try to make cuts on straight track providing for easier alignment of rails when reassembling layout, avoid switches and switch machines, create the largest pieces that can be handled by available manpower and fit thru the doors. 

 To accomplish these things we are using a priority system for each joint.  This allows us to evaluate cut locations.  They are not in the easiest places but will be effective.  The rest of today’s report can best be told in pictures.

 Doug and Gene are the real cut-ups in this saga

 Vic supervises, Gene cleans up, Doug cuts along blue tape after track is removed, Grinnell and Bill work on Blodgett

  Pure power at work. Almost 14 feet of Philomath and the helix get  hoisted.

Figure 4   Out the door she goes

Onto the truck for a short, slow ride

Lonnie pops up thru his pop up

One thought on “The Real Cut-Ups

  1. Such a massive rebuild, just glad you guys know what you are doing. Amazing and good job guys. Open house will be great to see everything up and all together again running smoothly as before. Richard in Stayton.


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