If we get back far enough and get going fast enough it will fit.


At the end of work of work today we can report that 9 chunks of the layout have been moved.  The next pieces are the ends of the “blobs” and Albany and Toledo yards.  These are large and heavy and we can use all the help available.  This move is scheduled for our next workdays on Monday and Tuesday.  We will be using a flatbed trailer, slings, and furniture dollies.  If any of you are available on those days, we can sure use your help.

Gene and Doug manhandle a section of Philomath

Randy demonstrates benchwork dancing for Doug who was mightily impressed

Teamwork is important in this operation

  We have us a convoy, ain’t she a beautiful sight

  If we get back far enough and get going fast enough it will fit.

It’s just plain muscle work, but the lunches are great

  Ooops, oh well, the handles are in good shape

Thanks for your continued support.  We like working for the club because the payoff will be great.

4 thoughts on “  If we get back far enough and get going fast enough it will fit.

  1. I think your dedication will pay off, I will definitely be among the visitors at your reopening for open house. thank you for keeping me in the loop.


    1. We are excited about the new and improved layout and our new building. Members enthusiasm for the hobby has been renewed by this project. We hope to see you in November. While we are not “officially” meeting right now, you can visit the club on most Mondays and Tuesdays from about 9 – 1 pm. This is when several members are working on the rebuilding project.


  2. are there any members from Stayton ? I have a small ho layout and could use some input on how to improve it. or maybe just forget it and donate my stuff to csme, whaddya say railfans . My problem is space limits and old age creeping in on me.


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