We Got’er


Today was a serious moving day.  All of our efforts for the last several weeks came together as we totally wrecked the old layout.  Vast emptiness shrouds the old haunts of CSME.  After a herculean effort on the part of members, huge chunks of the old layout were carefully managed thru doors, loaded on a flatbed, and trucked to the new site.  Skillful backing up placed these chunks right next to the loading  dock (back door) at the new site and masterful hands carefully and gingerly fit pieces thru the doorway and into the layout room –sometimes with sixteenths of an inch to spare —  where they were placed along the wall awaiting final reassembly.  Warmer temperatures would have rendered the effort useless because of ambient expansion but superior engineering and brute force prevailed.

All hands turn to and hoist a section of layout

The philosophy of the day was “if it doesn’t fit, get back further and get going faster”!  We used geometry, trigonometry, adds and subtracts, and all of Newton’s laws punctuated with massive muscle and noises that can’t be described here to complete the task at hand.  Work was divided among several crews: The wackers (Gene and Doug), the “L” girder guy (Dick), the driver (Jerry), the loaders and unloaders (Randy, George, Grinnell, Vic, and John) and the receivers (Larry and Bill). Several guys worked interchangeably.   Rod Loder (electrician) came down to see for himself and was well pleased.  Pictures will further describe this great effort on the part of our members.   If I left out any names it was simply to protect the innocent.

  How is this going to fit, oh wait, we already got it out

Ready to roll

Whatever you do DON’T STOP, it’s still moving

  Uhmm . . . now what?

  We got ‘er.

A good day’s work,  4 pieces left for tomorrow

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