Final Big Pieces Moved


We are pleased to report that the final big pieces of the CSME layout were moved over to the  new building today. Some were humdingers including a 17’ X 7’ (Toledo yard and turntable) monster. How did you fit something like that through the doors? With great difficulty, superior  engineering, team effort, and grease!! Club members that worked today did really well at  bringing this phase almost to closure. Almost because we still have a few pieces of staging yard  to remove from the Otto Room.

City Manager Pat Hare came by during the festivities today and was very complimentary. We  showed him around a bit and he seemed quite impressed – not to mention curious about how  some of these chunks got into the building. We told him they were inflatable – pull the plug,  move ‘em in, re-inflate.. 

This thing actually made it through!

This will be the last report on this phase which has been completed with little cost to the club  and ahead of schedule. Next steps include a talk with the Fire Marshal and a report to the club  at our next business meeting. We also need to make some decisions regardinghow to rebuild  3 places on the layout: 1) the “helix”  between Philomath and Blodget (where  the track climbs up through the tunnels  and rock shed along the cliff) 2) the  opposite end of the layout where a “wye”  comes off the main at Albany and goes  into a staging area and 3) the addition of  towns to enhance switching and  operational possibilities. There are  probably others that will develop as we  deliberate.  

Eagle Cove inside the new room

The construction crew would like to thank  you for your confidence in us – also the  donations of band-aids and ibuprofen. 

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