In the Spirit of Meaningful Discussion


A work session was called  for Monday 10/5/20 and we had a crew of 5 – Gene, Larry, Vic, Randy, and Jerry.  Doug was out on injured reserve status – NOT from model trains but from another hobby he has that deals with very sharp propellers.  We wish him well. 

Big layout  chunks surround the south room

Two large chunks of RR were moved to the south room today along with legs and “L” girders that were placed in the small room.  This allows free access to full size plans on the floor of the north room where large yard areas (Toledo and Albany) reside.  We did this in preparation for the business meeting (Wednesday evening 10/7/20) where discussions may be held about operational modes of the layout, locations of staging areas, and traffic flow during op sessions and open house.

  Layout legs ready for installation

In the spirit of providing a meaningful initial discussion regarding directions the layout planning process will go, we encourage members to attend if at all possible.  Member interest and priorities regarding train-running have changed with the times in terms of operation, control systems, new locomotives and basic layout footprint.  This is a golden opportunity to begin to re-assess design parameters of the layout and make sure they fit the enjoyment desires of members. 

    North layout room ready for discussion

By moving full-size layout track plan papers around the room, we can all get a close look at various ideas developing among members.  We will also have the ability to create new full size track plans on site in real time.  Having this resource will help us keep our discussions grounded in reality.  

Come on by and help us make this layout fit your “druthers”.  It should prove to be very interesting.

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