A Safe Layout


During the business meeting of 10/7/20 I advised club members of a meeting today at 10 AM  with fire officials regarding our layout footprint. Gene responded and we met with  Jonathan, Deputy State Fire Marshal and Chuck, Adair Fire Captain. The meeting  was very positive and they seemed happy that we came to them PRIOR to filling the building  with benchwork. Their concerns, although simple and easy fixes, need to be addressed from  the git-go. They are as follows: 

1. Round off the south helix near Philomath (remove the sawmill complex) and drop a  structural fascia to the floor for about ½ way around the circle. This will help keep a  stampede of bodies from getting stuck as they try to squeeze into the center hallway. 

2. Maintain a 44” minimum in all aisleways particularly between the Asher Blob and the  Eagle Cove blob. Also, during open house add a chain across this opening and limit  access to club members only (folks can still see the areas from the main viewing aisles).  This paves the way for the option discussed last nite for staging and switching along the  north wall if we decide to go that way. 

3. Limit open house to 49 guests at a time (this does NOT include club members running  the RR). 49 is a magic number above which requirements change drastically — $$$$$.

4. Exit sign at N door needs to be mounted at 90 degrees to the wall so that it is visible  from the entire viewing area. 

5. Mount an exit sign near the center emergency lights on the east wall with arrows  pointing toward doors. 

6. Set up one way visitor traffic during open house.


Socially distanced meeting, of course

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